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The Bump is a unique pregnancy simulator to replicate the weight gain and changing body shape that occurs in pregnancy.

It encourages people of all ages to empathise with many of the challenging experiences pregnancy brings.

The features of The Bump

  • Easy to use
  • Teaches empathy and respect for Pregnancy
  • Fits teenagers and adults of both sexes
  • Variable weight adds realism
  • Realistic sensation and look
  • Gel filled breasts and bump
  • No messy system of filling bump with water to obtain shape and weight
  • Wheeled case assists transport

What are the benefits of using The Bump?

  • The Bump allows you to experience pregnancy and empathise with pregnant women.
  • Using The Bump within a HR environment ensures respect for pregnancy
  • Using The Bump within a H and S environment ensures a safe working environment for all employees of all size and shape
  • Male wearers of The Bump cannot fail to be amazed by how heavy The Bump is and often change their attitude towards pregnancy and pregnant women
  • Gets young men engaged in your programmes

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The Bump from Life Choice
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Tel 0151 608 0606
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A great practical tool for young people and makes lessons more interesting

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